XO Kids

The story so far:

(human) kids go on a school fieldtrip.

Child XOs happen to be also having a fieldtrip, touring a factory, in their own 'city' underground.
It's a TNT factory...

XOs are GELPs (green-eared laptop people), they are part of a silicon-based civilization that arrived to Earth many years ago in a starship that crashed.
Why do they manufacture TNT?
you'll have to get the story!

XOs, children or grownups, never go above ground.
There's an accident...

When the human kids meet the XOs, they get XOKids superpowers.

Full pages:
Plancha 1
Plancha 2
XO Kids is a concept for a comics magazine and other media.
These stories and media will blend adventures by the XO Kids with educational content and interactivity.

We are looking for funding and/or sponsors and/or advertizers to develop the idea further, to publish and to eventually turn this into a successful way to deliver educational content through media that is attractive and enjoyable, made for and by kids. A TV show has been mentioned...

Authors are GusHerbas and Plosko, teenage Bolivian comics artists

Original idea and initial sponsorship is by Yamaplos

email yamaplos (a) bolinux.org for more information

Copyright is 2009, GusHerbas and Plosko